Selfie Day Contest – Win a Topcoder T-shirt!

June 15, 2017 Jessie D'Amato Ford

Did you know that June 21st is Selfie Day! An entire day and holiday dedicated to the art of taking a selfie. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to have a fun contest to win a much sought after Topcoder t-shirt.

Topcoder admin: tgerring

The contest will run June 16-23, 2017. Here is how it will work:

  • Share a selfie on:
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Topcoder Community Slack (in the #random channel) (not on slack? email us with your handle and the subject as “slack invite”)
  • Selfie must include the following tags:
    • #NationalSelfieDay
    • #Topcoder
    • Your Topcoder handle (either on the photo or in the description)
  • The t-shirt winners will be announced on June 23 in all three Topcoder weekly newsletters!

Topcoder admin: rsial

Your selfie can include you in a Topcoder t-shirt, with a Topcoder logo, with your pet, with your family, with your friends, at school, at work, at home, or wherever!

Topcoder admin: wordwoman

Topcoder staff will view the photos and we’ll pick five winners! Here is how we will pick winners:

  • Overall Best Selfie
  • Funniest Selfie
  • Best Use of Topcoder Branding Selfie
  • Most Creative Selfie
  • Best Group Selfie

Topcoder admin: jmpld40

Tune in for June 23rd newsletters to see if your photo is featured and if you’re one of the lucky winners.

It’s easy – take a photo, share, and a shirt could be on its way to you! Have fun with this contest and we can’t wait to see the submissions!

Topcoder admin: vbailey

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