Marathon Finals: Game On!

October 22, 2017 guestblogger

The Marathon Finals Competition has started. The problem features a task from computational criminology: given the historical information about crime levels in the city, rationalize police patrol routes to answer incoming 911 calls as fast as possible while also preventing future crimes.

You can read the full problem statement here. Here is an example of crime dynamics in the city and cars addressing 911 calls: city blocks in which there is an active crime are marked with red (the older the crime is, the darker the shade is), shades of gray mark crime probabilities in blocks without active crimes (the darker the shade, the higher the probability of a crime occurring there soon is), police cars are marked with green dots.

I wrote this problem, so I’m observing the competition with particular anxiety: not just cheering for the competitors, but also hoping nothing is wrong with the problem itself. Good luck to all competitors, and stay tuned for the live broadcast here.

Mariia “Nickolas” Mykhailova is a software engineer in Microsoft Research. In her scarce spare time she plays board games and laser tag, goes for hikes and invents puzzles, travels and, of course, writes problems for programming competitions.

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