Topcoder Development Starter Packs

July 20, 2016

Topcoder starter packs are a collection of reusable software components or building blocks for application development. Starter packs include source code, test cases, deployment guides, and documentation, and they’re designed to work out of the box.

Starter packs leverage industry-standard development languages and build environments in order to remove common architecture risks and decision points from the application development process. Starter packs are designed to support complex enterprise business projects, and they are modular and easily updatable by developers to suit individual application needs.


Benefits of Starter Packs

Topcoder starter packs are designed to remove common architecture and non-functional decisions that affect all aspects of the project. These decisions include logging, communication, authentication, authorization and many others. This consistency removes lengthy discussions and decision points from a project, which reduces risk and shrinks timelines. Simple licensing of components enables businesses of any size to easily use and modify starter packs. Community members also help drive starter pack releases and enhancements as well as respond to questions in the Topcoder forums.

  • Consistency - All starter packs are designed with the same architecture and implementation approaches.

  • Extensibility - Each starter pack is easily be extensible for your projects, which allows developers to customize functionality for any application.

  • Integration - Today's state of the art application service based design principles are the core of Topcoder starter packs. This allows developers to mix and match different starter packs to get a leg up on building an application.

  • Predictable Pricing - Each starter pack comes with estimated pricing based on rough volumetrics. However, you should always estimate your own volumes and pricing before the Topcoder Community begins development.


Starter Packs and the Topcoder Community

Topcoder architects worked closely with the Topcoder Community to design and build starter packs. Topcoder community members are fully-versed in these starter packs—eliminating technology reducing ramp time required to deliver new features for your application.  


Choosing a Starter Pack

You can choose a Topcoder starter pack—as well as any modifications to the selected pack—if you have technical preferences for your application development project. If you don’t have preferences, the Topcoder copilot assigned to your project will recommend an appropriate starter pack as well as any modifications based on your project requirements.

Follow the links below detailed technical information on Topcoder starter packs, and contact your Topcoder copilot if you have any questions.


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